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Easy DIY Crown Molding

blends seamlessly with the wood molding on your mantel

Living Room Crown Molding
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With all our molding kits you
receive 12-20 inside and 2 outside corners.
We have a molding for any budget or decor!
The only thing better than the price
is how fast and easy they are to install.
Our patented overlapping design
simply adjusts to length, so there is no measuring.
2 1/2? Easy Crown Molding  4? Easy Crown Molding 4 1/2? Easy Crown Molding Easy Door Crown
Our 2 1/2″ Easy Crown Molding. Our 4″ Easy Crown Molding. Our 4 1/2″ Easy Crown Molding. ¬†Easy Door Crown.

Welcome To Easy Crown Molding!

At Ez-A-Peel our philosophy is simple. We believe that home decorating should be easy, convenient and affordable, anyone can create an attractive living space, regardless of your creativity or experience, with just a few simple finishing touches that will give the appearance of expensive home decor.

Easy Crown Molding and Easy Door Crown offer inexpensive alternatives to expensive millwork. Our products offer the same detailed architectural finishes found in some of the finest homes at a fraction of the cost and with only a minor investment of time. Interior design professionals and contractors can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

DIY Crown Molding

With our molding line and our website’s decorating ideas, and how-to tips, we hope to offer everything you need to turn any room in your home into a beautiful showcase. So please take some time to learn more about the many uses for our Easy Crown Molding and Easy Door Crown, (whether it be for your bedroom, living room, family room, hallways, doors, windows or closets) as well as, to learn and get ideas our samples for painting schemes, color themes decorating techniques and tips or how-to pages.

Easy Crown Molding is so confident in our product that our how-to pages even offer advice and techniques to teach you how to install crown molding the old fashion way using compound miter cuts. This is an addition to our 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product for any reason.

We encourage our customers to share pictures of our products applied in their homes to demonstrate its appearance and to offer additional design ideas. Remember, no matter how creative or handy you may or may not be, you can add the look of expensive decorative moldings and finishes with our products in a matter of minutes. They require little more than a pair of scissors and a step-stool.

No Tools Required!

With Ez-A-Peel products there is no need for tools, glue, caulk or complicated measurements. There are no phone calls to contractors or trips to the lumber yard. Our products adjust to length and are self-adhesive. Of course, our products may also be caulked and painted for that extra touch, but neither is required. So spend some time browsing our site, read the articles and customer reviews/testimonials, and feel free to contact us with your questions, we are happy to help.

We encourage you to give our Molding and Door Crown products a try. Remember, Ez-Crown Molding and Ez-Door Crown are the simple and inexpensive alternatives to quickly dress up your home and provide that beautiful look you have always wanted.

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