Easy Crown Molding Installation

How To Install Easy Crown Molding

A Quick How-To Guide on DIY Easy Crown Molding Installation

Often times, you may look at your home and desperately want to upgrade it. However, we know that a huge renovation budget is sometimes not in the cards. At Easy Crown Molding, we understand that life is busy, and you most likely don’t have time for a huge renovation project!

Easy as 1,2,3!

Our crown moldings are as easy as 1,2,3! We guarantee it! All you need to do is put on your moldings, and you can completely transform your space. If you want to add elegance to your business or home, crown moldings are the way to go.

Some tips on installing your Easy Crown Molding

  • One kit will make 12 inside corners and 2 outside corners, however there are no corner pieces. The angled end of the straight piece will make your corner.
  • Use common household scissors to cut the Easy Crown Molding.
  • Always overlap the angled end OVER the square end
  • When overlapping the straight pieces, make sure the top edge is tight to the overlapped piece before pressing the molding to the ceiling. If this is not done the seams will be more visible.
  • The molding can be painted. We recommend first priming with plastic primer which comes in a spray can and can be found in most home centers. After the molding is primed you can paint with ordinary household paint.
Running hand down crown molding.


Before you start you will want to run your hand down the molding, folding it tight to itself.

Select your starting place


Select a corner to start, take the red starter piece and peel off the adhesive back placing the arrow in the corner.

Test Fit The Crown Molding


Test fit the corners before peeling off the adhesive back.

Trim crown molding if needed.


If trimming is needed, just cut with common household scissors.

Peel off the crown molding's adhesive back.


Peel off the adhesive back.

Place the Crown Molding


Starting from the left and working to the right, place the angled end over the end of the red starter piece, pressing tape to the ceiling.

Secure the adhesive of crown molding.


Reach under the molding and press the adhesive tight to the ceiling.

Stop before you get to the end or crown molding.


Stop before you get to the end to allow the next piece to overlap.

Apply the seam tape behind the crown molding.


Before installing the next piece of molding you must apply the seam tape to the back of the angled end.

Slide the next piece of crown molding over the preceding.


Slide the next piece over the top of the preceding, overlapping with the angled end.

Press the crown molding seams together.


Press the remainder of the first piece tight to the ceiling and press the seam tight together.

Continue until you finish applying crown molding to wall.


Continue this step until you reach the end of the wall. Fit your next corner the same as the starter corner.

Outside crown molding corners go on last.


If you have outside corners, they will go on last.

How To Install Outside Corner

Apply the seam tape to the corner Crown Molding


Outside Corners: Apply the seam tape to the back of the corner piece. It is recommended to use two pieces of seam tape for outside corners.

Secure the Crown Molding


Press the outside corner over the top of the straight pieces.

Finishing Touches

Double check to ensure the crown molding is secure


Finishing Touches: If the molding is not tight to the wall on the bottom edge you will need to push up and back on the top edge of the molding, this will bring the bottom edge tight to the wall.

Use Loctite Power Grab on large gaps


If you have excessive gaps on the bottom we recommend using Loctite Power Grab. This can be applied under the molding then pressed into place.

You’re finished installing your Crown Molding


If desired, the molding can be caulked and painted. You’re Done Installing your Easy Crown Molding!

How To Install Dentil Molding

How to install dentil molding


Installing Dentil Molding: After you have installed the Easy Crown Molding, you are ready to install the dentil molding.

Work from the corners to the center


Doing a wall at a time, work from the corners to the center so that you do not have to cut the dentil strip on the block.

Installing the piece


When you get to the last piece, cut it to size, centering the blocks.

You can bend or cut the dentil strip around the outside corner


You can either bend or cut the dentil strip around an outside corner.

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