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January 6th, 2015

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Correct molding spelling?

September 29th, 2009

Moulding or Molding?

Moldings or Mouldings?

. . . . . . .Good Question:

It is said that during the Boston Tea Party of 1773, Americans dumped tea overboard to protest British taxation. As it turns out, not everything British was abandoned that evening. The same early Americans might have written that . . . after finding something in the galley that appeared to be moulding;we journeyed below to find some decorative crown moldings, which we made use of forthwith. Good thing too. If these architectural details where made of polyurethane, they would still be floating around the Atlantic to this day.

When referring to Crown Mouldings, or Cornices as they would, the British have always used the ou in the spelling while the Correct American spelling remains without the u Having said this, American companies seem divided on this point.

Many American corporations that manufacture or sell mouldings have kept the Old Word spelling in their company name and branding, perhaps out of conscience for the historical significance of these decorative building material products.

You may notice that this site uses both words throughout various pages, as both are used when customers are searching for products to buy online. Analyzing search engine results, we find the traditionally southern states search under Molding while the remainder seem to prefer Moulding, the spelling of which would also be used to describe the blue stuff at the back of the fridge, or refrigerator, if you prefer.

Whatever your spelling preference, we promise to deliver quality decorative moulding.

. . . . .  After all, you never know when someone might be dropping by for tea.

ABC News puts Easy Crown Molding to the Test

July 17th, 2009

Sept. 23 (KGO) — Crown molding puts a fine finishing touch on homes, but that touch does not come cheap or easy. But one product promises to make crown molding as easy to put up as holiday decorations.

We’re checking out easy crown molding. Its name is the claim. It’s supposed to be easy to put up and attractive once there. Peel, stick, done! It sure looks easy.

Rick Ali and his sister Ayisha are helping Michael Finney give the easy crown molding a workout.

The tape does stick. The instructions say to overlap the material so we do.

Rick Ali, Hayward: “It’s really not that bad, the sticky thing.”

The kit comes with corner units, but since our corners are all in ‘innies’ and not ‘outties’ we don’t need them.

There are sixteen sections just over four feet long each, so we work our way around the room, overlapping as we go.

Rick Ali: “The edges, that’s my whole thing, you shouldn’t be able to see the edges.”

But we always do. It is easy to work with, with scissors it’s easy to cut the pieces to length.

Here Rick is making the final cut and putting in the last piece.

Rick Ali: “It can go in, that looks better right?”

He cuts the length too short…

Rick Ali: “Oh, we just made it. That’s funny.”

In fact it’s more than funny. It’s better than if he had overlapped. We like the way it looks better. The instructions say you don’t have to paint. And you don’t.

The instructions also say you don’t have to caulk, but all of us agree, it sure would look nicer if you take the time to caulk.

Ayisha Ali, Hayward: “Yes it does bother me, but I think it’s fixable if you had the right stuff, caulk. I think it’s fixable. Maybe we are doing it wrong. Maybe we need to do it a little closer or far.”

Rick says he would recommend the product to other homeowners.

Rick Ali: “As long as they can get the edges perfect, side by side and not overlapping, then we would be in better shape.”

It doesn’t look exactly like wood crown molding, but it’s not bad. To learn more about this product, visit easycrownmolding.com.

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