Breathing Life Into Outdated Rooms

Crown moldingBreathing Life Into Outdated Rooms

Replace narrow baseboards with wider molding that suits your taste and style, and paint or stain them to compliment your walls.
Update closet doors, replacing old bi-folds or cheap fiberboard sliding doors with more attractive, current options that are readily available at home centers.
Surround your windows with moldings, sills and aprons to add an updated look to your room.
Bring doorways into focus by adding molding along the top and on the sides giving the doors a more polished, updated look.
Add crown molding to give a room a finished and stylish look. Use narrower styles for rooms with low-ceilings and deeper moldings for rooms with higher ceilings.
Install hardwood flooring as a replacement to outdated carpeted floors to give rooms an instant facelift. Also consider laminates, marble, stone or tile for other interesting options.
Add recessed lighting, track lights, spotlights, down lights and other new lighting options to update the look and feeling of a room.
Position bookshelves on each side of a window and install a window seat beneath the window for a custom new look and a cozy seating area.
Replace outdated light fixtures with attractive new fixtures, and add a ceiling fan or an interesting new light fixture to replace an dull ceiling light.
Bring interest and pop to trims by painting them to contrast with walls. Consider bright white with deeper toned walls, or wood-stained trim for light colored walls, bringing drama and interest to the finished look.
Add pizzazz to a room by adding pieces with architectural interest, such as a stained glass panel hung from the ceiling and lighted from behind, or an old column to use as a pedestal for a favorite sculpture or vase of flowers.
Soften corners and bring more interest to a boxy space by placing furniture on a diagonal or by filling corners with large potted plants or folding screens.
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